Wednesday, December 14, 2011

10 days in counting..... AHHHHH!

Sorry I've been a bit MIA around here after just starting this site! I have been so busy with my preschool age daughter who is being a hyper spazz of doom and with busy hands on the make... So in the midst of kicking off my shop I realize hey the holidays are too close why the heck are you doing this to yourself?! Now its under the 2 week mark till Christmas here to slap me right between the eyes! I have 10 kids I had planned on making things for but I dont think I will get it done.. I tell myself I'm going to start sooner every year yet I procrastinate time away or I get sucked into the current of things. So I Got myself started last minute with that while I went ahead and started up my Etsy.. Boy, do I love self punishment! I love being on there and selling stuff and I'm so proud I made my first 2 sales this week!! :D I am just going crazy because I am waiting on a check to get here to do any of my shopping and we cant really afford things for everyone but I dont want to be empty handed... Really its been rough with Eric the only one working we've been scraping by on grilled cheese and omlets a lot and not going anywhere to conserve gas until we get the check on the 22nd and even that will be gone with things needing payed and gifts needing bought.. I hope I can make a career of this Etsy thing to help support us I'm sick of the low income (literally) blues.. I wont give up just yet.. Really the shop is is a good distraction of the gloom that keeps trying to sneak up on me and really we need any spare change we can get! I wont vent out and bore you with details of my stress filled issues but I really REALLY need a good distraction... I busy myself as much as possible with crafts that I can do.. It helps me focus out of the physical pain and stress a bit. I am trying to get my "mommy made it" gifts done for my daughter firstly and when i get sick of looking at that I work on others I planned to give to my nieces or nephews (boys are so much harder... Esp. my nephews... I just dont know what to make!)  then I have fixed up a few hats to list as well.. Busy hands busy mind so I dont pop a mental spring stressed extra thinking about Christmas' imminent impingement and the marathon shopping I hope and pray my body allows just 2 days before Xmas... I cant wait until 2012 <3 Actually 2013 when the hubbster is out of school and we can get outta this stressful place!