Saturday, June 23, 2012

I'm still alive creating the undead ;)

Hi everyone! I've not been around much I've been in craftster swap la la land and just recently getting my but to the YMCA to get my butt in better shape in the only way my EDS body allows and that is in the pool! I work out 4x a week for a hour each time :) Plus I am counting my calories using sparkpeople so I ! What a handy site. I've been working on a lot of different craft projects since I last posted you can check some of them on my pinterest I have a board listed "things I've made" another is "swaps I've sent out" I just finished the walking dead swap and that was fun but I still had some zombie inspiration in me and whipped this up ~> cant show the stuff that I made for the walking dead swap yet but its on its way to her now. Anyway its late but I  in and give a tiny little update on my life... I will update some more things a bit later and I cant wait to actually add some tutorials and patterns for you guys :)
 See you soon my friends! <3