Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hi all! Its been a while.. I've become a swap junkie!

Yes, swap junky I say! I've joined up for several on Craftster and just created my own called "Lets Get Foxy now show me your Hooters! Owl and Fox swap" I figured I would share with you bits of things I've been crafting for swaps :D and things I've received as well!
I did an Adventure Time themed swap! So I had to make the nesting dolls I had in mind for quite some time but I couldn't just pick 6 so I made them double sided! Here is one side:
And here is the other:

I will have to show you what I get from my swap partner when I get it ^__^

I also did an invite your partner swap and I got spoiled with lots of goodies here is what I made her:
Beemo is scarf:
Labyrinth Quote wooden Pencil box:
A tree and nest embroidery hoop: (her picture I forgot to take one! DOY!):
A Domo kun crochet hat!:
A girl on a tire swing necklace (shoulda stuck with black) :
Pinkie pie 3D wall plaque:
And I sent her a bunch of random snacks from the international grocery store down the road.

She sent me this awesome package: 
Super cool messenger bag she made to my measurements! The fabric on the inside is the same as the body of the owl! I love it!:
A huge amount of awesome hand sewn goodies 4 pink and pink zebra fabric baskets, 2 awesome skirts for my daughter, The zebra one had a matching sunglasses case and headband (missing cus the girl stole it) 2 hoops with button monogram for the daughter and I, a cherry potholder,  and 4 sweet flower skeleton hand hair clips

Vintage (I think) flower trims she shared with me, an owl bag my daughter Ellie swiped, a tinker bell book to read to Ellie, a cool gold tone vintage style owl charm.

I also joined up in a pinterest swap but I only got around to making one thing :/ I wanted to make more but it was late in the game and when I went to claim someone else it was too late...
This is a hoop I made inspired from someones pinterest I am not one to copy completely and mine was a much bigger hoop:

And here is the inspiration I found in her pinterest:
It was a hoop made for a hoopla swap on craftster by the talented crafter sheepblue I think hers is far FAR more lovely! but I would say you can tell its influenced ;) 

I am working on another swap now that is a spell my name swap.. I would post a picture of something I made but I'd hate to spoil the surprise if she heads over this way! The pinterest embroidery hoop should be arriving today so I'm safe there LOL I am so addicted to doing craft swaps! It really helped to have something to focus on after my dear dog Lucy died. She was my furbaby and I miss her dearly.. I couldnt live without a dog... We got a puppy (should have waited but what's done is done) it helps too having a pet to train I forgot how much I hate puppies sometimes haha! I love hate them. They can be so sweet and cute yet such little assholes! Even though she annoys me so I really love her! She was supposed to be a beagle when we went to get her she looked a lot like a beagle mix well she has gotten huge over the past few weeks and when we went to the vet at 9 or 10 weeks she was 9lbs already! we found a calculator and it said she was going to be between 45 and 55lbs! BUT I am not even sure if she was 9 or 10 weeks because she still hasnt lost any baby teeth in the front like they do between then and now... Who knows! I have a giant puppy LOL Here is a picture of her from when we got her she was supposed to be 8 weeks then:
She looks a lot like lucy in some ways it sometimes makes me sad but she is enough different she is way more lanky and has a waist she a lot different.. I truly miss Lucy she was my best friend and my sweet puppy love. I have never met a dog so accepting of others and so tolerant of little kids... 
My daughter was always so rough yet all Lucy would do was get up and walk away or give me the look like "please save me!" lol You could often find them like this on the couch or bed or even in the middle of the floor. I loved that girl and I always will... I hope she now has peace happiness and lots of bunnies to chase up in doggy heaven.