Saturday, November 26, 2011

The blog is getting its makeover and I'm busy making plans!

So I redrew my little owlie design in a tree for the background let me know if its hard to read and I shall change it for you lovely interwebbers!  I just wanted to take a moment and let you all know about some of my plans! First off I will be having a Giveaway very soon to celebrate the opening of my website it will be a good one! The more you refer people my way the more chances you get to win! Also I plan on having giveaways bimonthly (to give a chance to collect enough entries to make it interesting and and make it a good give away full of awesome hand-mades! )and I will keep this blog up to date on sales I have going on for my Etsy shop too so please keep an eyeball out for all that jolly good stuff! I have 6 headbands posted to my Etsy shop so check that out if you are a fan of headbands! If not there will be many more things from toys to jewelry to bags and artworks! I love many styles and so you never know what could come up next! I plan on also taking time  making things to help dear charity causes. Such as starting auctions for fund raising and raising awareness or helping people in need. A cause that is very near and dear to me is Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) and I hope that I will be able to raise awareness and possibly funds to donate to research. EDS is a rare genetic disorder and I was misdiagnosed over the years as other things because many doctors dont really know much about EDS. Though it is believed by some physicians and researchers to be more common than estimated and diagnosed. It can effect any collagen source in your body from skin to joints to organs and blood vessels... There are many different types I have type 3 hypermobility. It has caused extensive back problems carpal tunnel syndrome nerve and muscle pain. I have partial and full dislocations often and know how to put them back in joint. I have sprains often.. I have fibromyalgia and Inflammatory Arthritis that are connected with this also.  Luckily after many years I got my diagnosis but my heart goes out to all that are suffering unknowingly trying to find out what is wrong.. I hope that by spreading word raises awareness and can help bring people to those answers. Its lifelong and there is no cure but there is preventative care thats very important! More research needs to be done and more awareness raised to bring light to this genetic disorder that has effected so many! I send my love to all my fellow zebras! ("when you hear hoof beats think horse not zebra" well we zebras do exist!) You are all part of my heart! Also Fibromyalgia and Arthritis research is another charity I plan to give my time to because I endure along side millions my heart goes out to all you fellow sufferers! I want to raise funds for st. Jude Children's Hospital and I also have a close to my heart spot for autism research! So please keep an eye out for these auctions or fund/awareness-raisers among other causes! :) I want to do good for people and help any way possible! We are all human we are born into the world cold naked seeking the ever necessary human bond we live, grow, learn, love, hurt, laugh, cry, rejoice, and suffer and survive in our own set paths set before us.. We breathe the same air and bleed the same color and in the end we all pass away to dust just the same... Religious differences, political differences, racial differences, sexual differences, financial differences, geographical differences, language differences, cultural differences, personal intererest differences (ETC!) really should have nothing to do helping others and showing caring and kindness to someone in need of that human connection. I have to say this and I really mean it.. Peace to you all and I wish everyone a happy holiday season whether you celebrate a holiday this season or not! Let 2012 be a year of more peace here on earth and good will towards human kind!

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