Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hallelujah I'm not Insane!

I found my embossing tool! I was starting to go crazy O.O
I'm so tickled I have it and guess where it was?! Where I first asked my husband to check (because he was right next to the end table) in the first place "oh its not in there! There's nothing in that end table!" LOL moving wreaks havoc on your organization skills for months! I'm so glad I found it! It did get me in gear and organize and I got to find out where a lot of things are that I didnt know where they were placed! Now my brain is just in overload with all the materials I'm trying to sort out what I want to complete first. I played with my embossing tool first of course and im so proud of my stamps I made :D I think I'm going to break out the watercolors and paint some cards pretty like and add the little stamps embossed to them for valentines day and etc and some cute gift boxes and necklaces perhaps. Hope everyone out there had a fantastic weekend!

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