Sunday, January 8, 2012

Progress being made but ANNOYED!

So I got a ton of embossing/stamping stuff for xmas and I have really been looking forward to playing with it. I made a ton of stamps and everything wanted to make some valentines day cards and cute things but of course I cant find my heat gun to try out my embossing pads and powder. I went through ALLLLLL of my boxes the last few days that are in the house.. Bless my sweet hubby he went out to the shed and looked for me but said those boxes are all fabric (he doesnt have the best eye for the stuff "ew crafty stuff" so I better "do it my own damn self" lol). I had it just before we moved to make cool textures on some clay projects with tacky glue. I did get a lot organized better but now I am going to have to hit up the shed after lunch and tear through the bins upon bins of fabric. I collect fabrics but I havent gotten down to using much of it as of late. I hoard craft items with projects in mind at the time but get distracted and forget about the items until I run across them again. I've put myself on a no buy fabric mode no matter what! I wont allow myself near fabric sections to sway my wicked temptation of the clearance fabric bins and remnants. I dont wanna be like a craft version of hoarders buried alive LOL not that I have room but lordy I could use a break on this heat gun. It taunts me to no end!

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