Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hearts Desire

So last week I came up with this idea to make a surprise keepsake box with a matching necklace... I posted it to my Etsy. Its 4 gifts in one really, a keepsake box, a fancy greeting card, a necklace and most importantly to me it is helping a child in need. I've decided to donate 20% proceeds from this box to St. Jude Children's Hospital. We are low income and I always wanted to help somehow but hated never having the money (its been hard enough getting by as it is) but this is very important to me and I really REALLY wanted to do something to help. I grew up with a lot of health problems not with cancer or any of that but I had a genetic disorder that wreaked havoc on my entire body so my heart is specially touched by kids who are ill, handicapped or suffering.. I will be making many more of these boxes and each one I will donate a portion to children's causes. Its very important for me to be able to do. 
So this gift someone can give to someone also has that beautiful gift attached knowing that you're helping a child and family in their fight for their child's health. Now about the gift itself the box is hand painted wood and I put a satin covered liner in the bottom as well as creating a "false bottom" covered in the same black satin.. The faceted red glass heart is all you see when you open the box but you have the person pull the chain and the false bottom pops free and the cards come up. The cards are done in watercolor painted then mounted on cardboard for strength. Both sides have the paper painted with a red and purple with black fleck background and the words "You stole my <3 (heart is right side up)" and I hand torn the edges for an interesting texture. They are hanging from a silver plated chain that's threaded through the cardboard center and glued down to prevent sliding. The bottom of the chain has a red swarovski crystal dangle and silver tone heart charm then under all of this is a beautiful .925 silver plated chain necklace with more red swarovski crystals, bright pink crackle glass bead, and another faceted heart pendant but this one is an AB finish crystal.  I have more ideas and I'm going to be making more of these soon and donating as I go.

I came up with this idea as I was falling asleep and usually I lose the idea when I wake up but I had to sit up and write down this one immediately before I went to sleep. I need to keep a idea journal close to my bed for certain!

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  1. This is very clever! How great that you are donating some of the profits for a worthy cause!